This ain't no April Fools! Monster Madness Online Delayed
April 1, 2014 at 7:07 pm

Hey there Hunters,

Sorry for the radio silence! We finally have an important update for you on where we’re at with Monster Madness Online:

It Will be Back!

The NomNom team has undergone a major development shift over the past two weeks, to focus on a different game project. We can’t reveal what it is yet, but I can say that if you’ve enjoyed Monster Madness Online, you’ll definitely have a ton of fun with this other game. The team will be returning to development of MMO later this year, but that means currently delaying Monster Madness Online for an ultimate release towards the end of the year. No April Fools on this one, MMO development is delayed by 6 months, alas.

It’s been quite a ride over the past several months, and we have hugely appreciated the friends, feedback, and insight that we’ve been able to gather with you all through the various numerous open & closed playtests. We believe that MMO will become the great cross-platform game you’ve been waiting for, but for now, we want to thank everyone for playing with us, and leave you with this poster to indicate that like a good zombie (or Dracula)… MMO Will Return!!!!

Thank you so much everyone,
Jeremy Stieglitz
Director, Nom Nom Games

MMO Alpha 1 Begins!
March 18, 2014 at 8:00 pm

Welcome back Hunters! We are proud to release MMO ‘Alpha 1′ to the world, across Windows, Mac, PC, Linux, and Web Browser! (iOS too if you’re on our beta team)

We encourage you to try out the new story mission, ‘The Great Cat Hunt’, and the new Survival exploration map, ‘The Diremarsh’. Can your team brave the challenges within, and earn your path to ultimate glory? Have a look at these screenshots indicating some of the new content you’ll find in Alpha 1, from new levels, to weapons, to abilities, and cosmetics. We also have been working on balancing, and have cleared the item stats from previous Alpha test to try out the new balance ramp. We appreciate everyone’s support and are looking forward to making this game ever more awesome with your help and feedback! Stay stuned for info on the first Event competition of ‘Alpha 1′, and get looted and leveled with your team in preparation! See you in Suburbia… and beyond!


Alpha 1 Preview: New Survival Map "The Diremarsh"
March 17, 2014 at 3:05 am

It’s almost here Hunters, MMO “Alpha 1″ public testing begins March 18 across Winwdows, Mac, Linux, Browser, Android, and iOS! As we head into this launch, we’ve decided to spill the beans regarding more f the new content! This time around the forces of evil grow stronger with 5 new enemies to encounter! Miss Hiss, Bigfoot, Harpies, Evil Trees and headless Priests are added to the enemy roster in a brand new massive non-linear exploration-oriented Survival map called The Diremarsh, yileding tougher challenges but better rewards! If you’re brave enough to try this on a difficulty other than Easy you’re in for an even bigger surprise! The Grim Reaper joins the fight as players escape from the crumbling ruins below the center of The Diremarsh! Can you defeat him and escape his gauntlet of pain? Here’s a closer look at this exciting new content:

New Level!

The Diremarsh:

Things are not always as they appear in this mysterious monster-infested magical forest.
Powerful creatures hold the keys to unlocking a terrible power from the Void in the southern marsh,
While in the east another timeless evil lies in wait.

Are you brave enough to look Death in the eye… and defeat it?!

New Enemies!

Miss Hiss

  • Summons Snakes!
  • Dives, Lunges, and Dashes at nearby players
  • Uses strong close range attacks like tail swipes and boa-constriction
  • Can hypnotize & turn the player to stone!

Big Foot

  • Jump into the air and land on a player, stunning them
  • Kicks large bouncy boulders at nearby players
  • Extremely dangerous knockback attacks at close range


  • Flying enemy that can fire a large number of projectiles at once
  • Can be hard to hit due to constant strafing-movement and desire to hide from players
  • Will dive at players and attempt to grab them & lift into the air
  • On death, Harpies lay eggs that can hatch into new Harpies unless destroyed!

Evil Trees

  • Very dangerous while paired with other enemies
  • Regenerates its Health over time
  • Throws fruit at players that debuffs players, making enemies nearby that player stronger
  • Casts out roots at all nearby players that constrict-stun if they hit

Headless Priests

  • Very dangerous while paired with other enemies
  • Heals nearby damaged enemies and remove any debuffs from them
  • Grants increased Armor to nearby enemies
  • Can cause enemies near the priest to attack and move faster.
  • Rolls his head at player causing debuff if it hits

BOSS: Grim Reaper

  • Summons an immortal army of the Dead to fight along side him
  • Is invulnerable to all damage unless summoning more enemies
  • Uses healing aura to aid nearby wounded enemies
  • Has various swirling scythe attacks to damage and knockback players
  • Dives into the ground and attemps to pull players into the underworld
  • Has a life-draining beam which sucks Mana energy away from players
  • Enrages all nearby enemies while at low health


Altogether, quite a challenge is in store for those Hunters brave enough to explore the depths of the Diremarsh! We look forward to seeing everyone again in Suburbia — and beyond — on March 18 on your gaming platform of choice, as we take MMO to the next phase of development together!

MMO "Alpha 1" Preview: New Abilities and Weapons!
March 12, 2014 at 9:13 pm

Hello happy Hunters, it’s that time again! The week is already halfway over and we’re that much closer to our March Public “Alpha 1″! In this installment we’re showing off some of the new Abilities and Weapons that you can expect to kick some Monster butt with in the upcoming release. Lets take a closer look!


  • Flash HealFlash heal: Instantly burst-heals all players for a flat amount in a small area.
  • Cat Scratch FeverCat Scratch Fever: Unleashes feline fury, dramatically increasing your melee attack damage, attack speed, and movement speed.
  • Invisibility CloakInvisibility Cloak: Renders you completely invisible to all enemies but slows your movement to “sneaking speed”.


  • Bicycle Grenade LauncherBicycle Grenade Launcher: Launches a volatile mixture of shrapnel, ordinance and Jitter Cola, which explodes and launches small cluster bombs over a medium-sized area.
  • BoomerangBoomerang: Targets up to 8 enemies and will home in on each target prior to returning to you. This weapon deals more damage after each acquired-target that it hits, and damages all enemies it passes through.


Stay tuned because on Friday, as then we’ll be revealing why Barry’s been so frantic to get all of this new gear to you (hint hint: it involves new monsters, maps, boss, etc)! And see you all in Suburbia next week!

New Survival Feature: Supply Crate Drops!
March 10, 2014 at 7:57 pm

Hey Hunters! It’s that time again, as the Monster Madness Online team is Gearing up for another public test cycle! LITERALLY! In this next new installment of our game we add yet another tool to your monster mashing arsenal: Supply Crate Drops!

Barry Tools felt that it wasn’t fair that the kids were the only ones contributing to fighting the forces of evil, so he contrived a way to help while…. remaining safely out of the way. Periodically supply crates will drop during survival matches or challenges. These supply crates take a while to open. (We wouldn’t want zombies getting guns and expolsives would we?) If you can guard these crates for a given time period you gain awesome combat bonuses. If zombies destroy the crate before it can open Barry rigged the crates to self destruct and the bonus will be lost.


Here’s a quick list of some of the kinds of things you can expect to get from a Supply Crate!

  • Super Armor: reduces the damage you take up front by 80%.
  • Quad Damage: quadruples the damage you deal from all sources.
  • Infinite Ammo: as long as there’s one bullet in your clip you keep firing.
  • Infinite Stamina: your spells cost no stamina.
  • Score Multplier: doubles the score you gain from all kills for 30 seconds.
  • Mini Nuke: gives you 1 weightless nuke usable right away (usable that match only).
  • Tennis Turrets: spawns 4 weightless tennis turrets (usable that match only).
  • Speed Boost: Gives you an additional 900 speed for 30 seconds.
  • Extra Ammo: Refills your currently equipped weapon’s ammo.
  • Tool Chests: Drops 4 tool boxes for each player.

Stay tuned to this site throughout the week as we unveil more neat features and content you can expect to encounter in MMO “Alpha 1”. And we’ll look forward to seeing you all back in Suburbia on March 17!

Lighting Kitties, HO!
February 26, 2014 at 8:44 pm

Hey there Hunters, as we head into Remote Testing of the next MMO release, “Alpha 1″, here’s a little tease of some of the fun new costumes you can expect to see (click for 1920×1080 wallpaper):

Lightning, Lightning, LIGHTNING KITTIES… HO!

Tiger Andy, Puma Carrie, Cheetah Jenn, and Lion Zack are scratching it up in Lightning Kitties, one of the most popular Saturday-morning cartoons in Suburbia!

“In a distant part of the galaxy, there was a dying world full of kitties called Lightnera. Four teenage (in human years) kitties took off in search of a new home and landed in… Suburbia! Join the fight with Tiger Andy, Puma Carrie, Cheetah Jenn, and Lion Zack and scratch some zombie butt… err… face, I MEANT FACE! So feel the magic, hear the roar… Lightning Kitties are loose!”

Character bios & gameplay videos are coming soon, so get ready!

Lightning, Lightning, LIGHTNING KITTIES… HO!

Help us help you!
February 25, 2014 at 12:50 am

Hello Madsters!

So Happy!!!

As we move onto preparing for the next public MMO test period (“Alpha 1″, which will include lots of exciting new content & features to be unveiled soon), we want YOU to give us your thoughts and feedback on “Pre-Alpha 2″, which you can do in This Official Thread(tm).

Please tell us what you loved, liked, disliked, outright hated, and want to see us add/remove/transmorgify. If you have any wacky blue-sky ideas, feel free to throw those in too — you never know ;)

We’ll take your valued feedback and use it to make MMO even better for “Alpha 1″. And once again, thank you to everyone who participated in MMO Pre-Alpha 2, you guys & gals rock, and looking forward to playing with you all again in several weeks. Stay tuned for upcoming info on the fun stuff you can look forward to in Alpha 1, the best is yet to come!

Yours truly,
Jeremy Stieglitz
Director, Nom Nom Games

Pre-Alpha 2 concludes with a bang! (+ Costume Contest)
February 24, 2014 at 5:21 am

Hey there Hunters,


Pre-Alpha 2 ends at 12 pm EST Monday, with a surprise appearance starting tonight by….. ??? Well, you’ll just have to summon this monstrous bonus boss in order to find out, so log in and see how you handle it! For those who are able to defeat it, a unique BIG aesthetic item is the reward… and on Nightmare, something even more imposing!

Thank you to everyone who helped playtest Monster Madness Online during Pre-Alpha 2, your feedback has been invaluable! If you’d like to continue helping us test content between now and the next public test period, please join the Remote Beta Team, there are still a few slots open!

Also, as we close out Pre-Alpha 2,  we’re starting a Costume Contest HERE, take a picture of your in-game character (hold ‘B’ to access “Free-Look” view,  press ‘U’ to temporarily hide the HUD, and then press ‘F9′ to take a screenshot). We’ll have the community vote on the coolest costumes, and the winners will get something very special at the start of the next public test cycle. Can you look as cool as ‘Zacula’ here? Let’s see what you’ve all got!



Yours truly,
Jeremy Stieglitz
Director, Nom Nom Games

DemonFest 2014 Conclusion! We have the Winners!
February 22, 2014 at 5:19 am

Well done, Hunters!

When the last Shotgun shell clattered to the ground, when the final Energy Drink was feverishly quaffed, & when the ultimate MiniGun slowly spun down, some 40 Hunters of distinction stood victorious, having proven their mettle against some seriously gnarly Monsters. Congratulations to all the DemonFest 2014 Winners, and also everyone who participated! Thank you for helping us test out Monster Madness Online, as we work to expand, improve, and balance your game. We love you guys & gals!

The rewards have been sent through Playverse (you can click on the image above for full-resolution Poster Image that you can save for printing), and we’ll also be sending signed copies of Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia to those 7 brave souls who took on the challenge of defeating the Demon King on Nightmare Hardcore difficulty!  We hope everyone enjoys their ‘Demon Horns’, ‘Bat Wings’, and new super-cool ‘Bat Pet’ (along with new costumes and expressions just added)! We’ll see you in-game throughout the weekend, as we wrap up Pre-Alpha 2 on Sunday night, at midnight EST. All winners of DemonFest are eligible (along with anyone else interested) to join the Remote Beta Team here and help us continue development of Monster Madness Online: we’ll be commencing testing on the next Story Mission “The Great Cat Hunt” this coming week! (And remember, earn brownie points with the NomNom team by helping us flesh out the Community Wiki! :)

Get ready Hunters, ’cause the next phase of Monster Madness Online is right around the corner!

 Yours truly,
Jeremy Stieglitz
Director, Nom Nom Games


Here Comes a New Challenger: 'Kempo Zack' Outfit and More!
February 19, 2014 at 7:59 am

Road Brawler

Don’t mess with Kempo Zack, as he is the Master of the Fist! In the newly-released v67 client, You’ll find the Kempo Zack Outfit as the reward for escaping from “Survival: Suburban Nightmare” on NIGHTMARE difficulty (the new “Suburban Conqueror” Achievement). You’ll need one heckuva ace team to pull it off, but to help you gear up for such an endeavor, we’ve added bulk Selling & Deconstructing features to the Backpack. Just ‘mark’ all the items you wish to act on, and then you can Sell or Deconstruct them all at once for maximum efficiency! Coming up later this week, Invisible Gear Skins (so you can be fully geared-up while still running around in the buff), and the all-new Reward Loot for DemonFest 2014 Round 1 & 2 Winners! Stay tuned, and Happy Hunting!